Our Canton of Aargau

Welcome! Discover all the different facets of our canton. Follow in the footsteps of Napoleon, try the Rüeblitorte and be inspired by innovative SMEs. We will take you on a guided tour all over Aargau.

The History of the Canton of Aargau – where we come from, who we are

We're particularly proud of our Rüeblitorte – our special carrot cake – and the white socks. How do we do it? We have the backing of the dinosaurs and Napoleon in person, not to mention DJ Bobo – because they have all made their mark on our canton in a very special way. Join us on a voyage of discovery!
1803 the hour of Aargau's birth!

Politics and Law – our state powers

The Government Council, parliament and the courts ensure that our canton makes progress, that balanced, majority-based resolutions are passed and that our rights and freedoms as the people of Aargau are protected. Find out more about our executive, legislative and judicial powers.
140 members sit in our parliament

Aargau – a leisure paradise

When you visit Aargau, allow plenty of time! Unique river landscapes and stretches of river meadows, fascinating forests, lakes and incomparable nature conservation areas await you. Also visit the historical castles and our multi-faceted arts centres, and enjoy the wide range of sports and excursions available. Aargau is a true leisure paradise.
more than 110 rivers and streams are featured by the Aargau countryside

Attractive and central – Aargau as a centre of employment and industry

The Canton of Aargau is one of Switzerland's most important industrial centres. From one-person companies to international giants, Aargau's businesses are extremely diverse and benefit from an innovative environment and close interaction with renowned educational and research institutions.
more than 45'000 businesses make up the economic backbone

Moving into a sustainable, digital future

What can our canton expect in the coming years? What are the key issues and priorities for the Aargau Government Council? Important goals are to make Aargau even more attractive as a residential and industrial centre, keep driving digitalisation forward and combat the effects of climate change.
by 2050 our emissions of greenhouse gases will be net zero