Bewilligungen & Versicherungen

Die Standortförderung unterstützt und begleitet Sie persönlich bei allen Bewilligungsprozessen!

We perform the necessary interface function between you and the Swiss authorities, municipalities and cantons. We provide you with free advice on all aspects of the matters you care about. We connect you with the contacts from the municipalities and cantons and assist you with your project: professionally and personally.

Arbeits- und Aufenthaltsbewilligungen

According to the agreement on the Free Movement of Persons between Switzerland and the EU, citizens of EU25 and EFTA countries are entitled to work in Switzerland and to take up residence here. Citizens from non-EU and non-EFTA states (third countries) are required to obtain a permit to work and settle in Switzerland.

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For more information, please visit the website from the Office of Immigration for Canton Aargau (MKA). The Migration Office can also provide information at the number: 062 835 18 60.

Information on the referendum on the mass immigration initiative of 9 February 2014 can be found here:

Bewilligungspflichtige Berufe

In general, you don't need a permit to begin to work as a self-employed person. However, there are exceptions where people’s safety may be impaired or where animals or the environment would be at risk. The Aargau Health Act and Swiss food legislation include provisions on the requirement for a permit for self-employed professionals. Activities such as personnel placement or door-to-door sales are also subject to a permit.

An overview of regulated professions is available here:


We assist you throughout all the construction and permit-obtaining processes. On request, we can carry out an initial assessment of your construction project and advise you in your planning.

In principle, all investments in buildings require a permit. First and foremost, the local municipality is responsible for the building permit procedure and also for issuing the necessary permit. In case of special projects, such as major investments, buildings outside the zone or buildings protected as historical monuments, a cantonal building permit is required. In this case, your construction project will be reviewed by the cantonal building permit department.


The industry and labor inspectorate is responsible for worker protection during construction and fit-out. It advises companies in their construction planning and in setting up operations and provides support in complying with the laws.

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There are numerous bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU, such as the Free Trade Agreement. A large proportion of all goods exported from the EU internal market to Switzerland and vice versa are not subject to any import or export barriers. As an entrepreneur, you will thus benefit from all the advantages of having your registered office in Switzerland.
There are various free trade agreements governing trade relations outside the EU.

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For detailed clarifications on customs and customs procedures, we recommend directly contacting the following customs offices. We will be happy to assist you in consulting with them.

  • District Directorate of Customs Basel (responsible for the Canton of Aargau)
    Elisabethenstrasse 31
    CH-4010 Basel
    Telephone +41 (0)58 469 11 11
    Fax +41 (0)61 287 13 13
  • Directorate General of Customs
    Monbijoustrasse 40
    CH-3003 Bern
    Telephone +41 (0)58 462 65 11
    Fax +41 (0)52 633 11 99
  • Customs Office Aarau
    Rohrerstrasse 100
    CH-5000 Aarau
    Telephone +41 (0)58 466 16 00
    Fax +41 (0)62 832 16 15
  • Customs central information office (at office hours)
    Telephone +41 (0)58 467 15 15


Simple, tailor-made solutions!

In Switzerland, as in most European countries, there are two main insurance groups: social insurance and property insurance.

Social insurance: The Swiss social insurance system is divided into a 1st pillar (state pension), a 2nd pillar (occupational pension), and a 3rd pillar (private pension).
Detailed information on the types of social insurance is provided in the free Handbook for Investors, which you can order from us (aargau.services@ag.ch). You are also free to contact us directly, of course. We are here to advise you whenever you need us.

Property insurance: The most important types of property insurance include building insurance and business inventory insurance. There are also numerous types of special insurance such as legal expense insurance, insurance for operations and industrial injury insurance, machinery insurance, IT insurance, etc.

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