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Planning to start a company? We will provide you with everything you need to successfully start a new company.

You’ve carefully thought your business idea through and written out your business plan? Your financing is secured? You’ve selected the most suitable legal form for your enterprise and checked all the necessary insurance policies and permits? Then there’s nothing to keep you from starting your company in the canton of Aargau. We will assist you along the way, making our network and expertise available to you. Take advantage of our comprehensive start-up service, customized for you according to your needs – competent and free of charge. We advise you on all aspects and topics relevant to your start-up and make sure you have the necessary contacts.

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Starting a company

Assistance with starting a company

Free preparation course for starting a company: You’re planning to start a company but don’t know how to proceed? We offer free preparation courses that explain in three hours how to start a company. In cooperation with the start-up experts from the Institut für Jungunternehmen IFJ, Switzerland’s institute for young companies, we explain what you need to consider when starting a company and how you can best move forward on the road to self-employment.

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Costs for various types of companies: Remember that every start-up involves costs. These may vary depending on the type of company you wish to start. For example, do not forget the actual start-up costs, such as costs for the notary, fees for the commercial register, etc. Also bear in mind that you and your partners may already need to have the necessary minimum share capital at the time you start a GmbH or AG. Visit us here for more information: Types of companies

Financing options: Do you need financing for your business activity or to implement an innovation? Aargau Services can show you the possibilities available and explain how you can make use of them. Visit us here for more information: Financing

Business plan

Keeping an eye on the idea and the costs

The business plan is an important tool that identifies business opportunities together with the risks and potential they entail. Major components include the marketing plan and the financial plan. The business plan is particularly necessary for potential financing partners, as it significantly increases your company’s chances of success. Your offer is unique; your business plan should be as well. Work on it continuously; adapt it whenever necessary. Be careful to write your business plan in a way that appeals to the audience; it may be better to write ten rather than 50 pages. Not sure how to create a business plan? No problem – we will be happy to help you.

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Smooth permit procedures

You’d like to hire specialists from third countries or are planning to renovate or build? You have questions about work and residence permits, building permits, or work permits? Contact us – we’ll be pleased to help you with any permit-related questions you may have. Visit us here for more information: Permits and insurance

Coworking spaces, shared Services, TECHNOPARK® Aargau

Work flexibly, the easy way

Flexible, location-independent forms of work, called co-working spaces or shared services, are increasingly in demand. They are an interesting option for start-ups because they offer good infrastructure and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other companies. Visit us here for more information: Commercial real estate and land

Our insider tip: At the TECHNOPARK® Aargau, coaching services are included in the rental price for the business offices. There, you can discuss and develop your business ideas with innovative companies with international experience – at eye level.