Economy & Employment

The canton of Aargau is an attractive economic region with many SMEs and high-tech companies: 40,000 of them in fact, employing 340,000 people.

Numerous well-known companies such as ABB, GE, Syngenta and Roche are either based in Aargau or operate major production and research facilities here. Economic, fiscal and financial policies make Aargau attractive to SMEs and international corporations alike.

The canton's aces

International rating agency Standard & Poor's has given the canton of Aargau an AA+ rating. This score comes as the result of moderate debt, good financial management, a reasonable tax burden and limited financial risks, coupled with a strong economy and a qualified labour force. In the Credit Suisse location appeal ratings, Aargau has enjoyed a top ranking in comparison with other cantons for years.

Outstanding location and communication links

Aargau is situated right at the heart of Switzerland's economically strongest region. It lies at the intersection of major road and rail routes between the business centres of Basel, Bern and Zurich. The canton shares a common border with Germany. Aargau is also excellently linked with nearby foreign countries thanks to its short distance from Basel and Zurich international airports.

Innovative high-tech region

Aargau is one of the leading high-technology locations in Switzerland. With high-tech companies prominently represented here, this in turn brings a strong concentration of know-how and hence an innovative and creative enterprise environment. A variety of industry groups are clustered in particular regions of the canton: energy and electrical engineering, information and communication technology (ICT) are strongly present in the Baden / Brugg / Zurzach / Lenzburg area. Similarly, the plastics industry features large in Freiamt / Wynental, life sciences in the Fricktal Valley and around Zofingen, medical technology in the Aarau / Baden / Brugg area and the machine and metal industries around the periphery of Aarau / Baden / Seetal and the lower Aare valley.

The know-how canton

Companies find well-qualified personnel in Aargau. An unusually large proportion of the workforce is employed in research and development, twice the Swiss average. With the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) (will open in new window), the canton is home to Switzerland's largest research institute dedicated to natural and engineering sciences. The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (will open in new window), the ABB Research Center (will open in new window) as well as with other institutions and schools contribute to good training and encourage innovation.

Attractive general conditions

Stable and healthy cantonal finances mean that businesses have planning security. Numerous industries can cost-effectively produce, develop and research in many areas of Aargau thanks to attractive general conditions in terms of real estate prices, the cost of living and wage levels. These location advantages together with the moderate tax burden benefit businesses and individuals alike.