Nature & Landscape

Unhurried walks in the woods, hiking or biking tours in the Jura mountains, refreshing bathing in Lake Hallwil, boat trips on the Aare and Reuss rivers: Aargau offers leisure-seekers diversity of nature and landscapes.

Beautiful river prospects, unique floodplain landscapes, fascinating forests and lakes, unparalleled nature reserves, castles galore and the rolling peaks of the Jura range make Aargau a leisure paradise with countless opportunities for sports, excursions (will open in new window) and relaxation. An extensive network of bike trails (will open in new window) (960 km) and more than 1600 km of hiking trails (will open in new window) together with plenty of other land and water-based activities are an invitation to explore the most beautiful places in Aargau.

Esther Süss, mountain biker talks about the nature and landscape of Aargau.

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Active in Aargau

Aargau greets physically active folk and sports enthusiasts with countless kilometres of well-marked cycling, hiking and skating trails. For something more leisurely, you could enjoy nature in Aargau on walks through the canton's many recreation areas. Wherever visitors might find themselves in the canton, the Aare, Reuss, Limmat and Rhine rivers make dependable guides to secluded and romantic spots. The river courses and their surroundings are particularly well worth discovering. Aargau is also a forest canton, with wooded country covering one-third of its area. Around 1600 hectares of floodplains are being maintained and restored to their natural condition, creating havens not only for the flora and fauna.

Spas and thermal baths

Aargau is a water canton not only geographically but also historically: the ancient Romans already had their distinctive bathing culture. Ever since then, the strongest mineralised water in Switzerland has been gushing from 19 springs at "ThermalBaden". The most sulphurous water source is the spring in Bad Schinznach. The thermal baths in Zurzach are a place for all the family to enjoy Switzerland's largest outdoor pools. Further downriver near Rheinfelden is the "sole uno" spa complex, where you can soak in the energy of natural brine. Spa and thermal bath operators have invested heavily over recent years, with yet further developments in the pipeline.

Wine regions

Aargau has many vineyards in prime locations. Winegrowing is practiced in around 70 Aargau municipalities at present. The traditional wine-growing villages have been joined in recent years by quite a few others where vintners have rediscovered the grape. Vineyards are again becoming a feature on exposed southern slopes in many of the canton's main and side valleys. More than 40 growers are pleased to welcome guests and visitors into their wineries. Vineyard tours with wine tasting go together perfectly with a castle or museum visit, a hike or a bike ride, or a refreshing dip in one of the thermal and spa baths.

Aargau Jura Park

The Aargau Jura Park (will open in new window) spreads across 28 municipalities. The Jura rise up to 350 metres above sparsely cultivated, tranquil valley floors. Despite proximity to built-up areas, the atmosphere is one of unaccustomed seclusion. The park makes an incomparable recreation zone, and as a large and contiguous expanse it provides natural balance for flora and fauna.


Agriculture is a strong shaper of nature and landscape in Aargau. The canton makes an ideal location for sustainable food production. There is arable and livestock farming, vegetable and fruit growing, viticulture and numerous profitable niche operations. In the interests of biodiversity and recreational value, important natural habitats and elements of the landscape are linked together through management agreements and secured for the long term where possible.

Aargau's standing among the top agricultural cantons of Switzerland explains why many national organisations such as the Swiss Farmers' Union (SBV) (will open in new window), the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) (will open in new window), and numerous major processing and marketing operations are based here.

I'm an Aargau girl, heart and soul. For someone who breaks a sweat as often as I do, it's great to be living in a canton with so much water.

Esther SüssMountain biker