Sisslerfeld: Potential for 10 000 Jobs

The enterprise zone in Sisslerfeld is distinguished by its excellent location and international appeal for production and research. Life Science businesses in particular can benefit from the synergy in the area. The location is suitable for short-, medium- and long-term business plans.

The Sisslerfeld enterprise zone in the Frick Valley, which lies directly on the Rhine, encompasses the communities of Eiken, Münchwillen, Sisseln & Stein and offers short-, medium- and long-term development opportunities. In total, there around 85 hectares of employment zone at various stages of development in Sisslerfeld with the potential for 10 000 jobs.

Different Options in Sisslerfeld

Short-term use for Life Sciences – Businesses

In Stein, Novartis AG is forging ahead with the further development of its production site into a state of the art life sciences park and opening it up to third parties. Developed and undeveloped plots of up to 8 hectares are available for this purpose. Press release Novartis (only in German) Companies such as Lonza and Celonic are already working there today. Novartis itself produces a broad technological range of innovative pharmaceutical products in Stein, promising an array of synergies. Do you work in the life science industry and are interested in a site? Please speak to us.

Medium-term design options for innovative production and SMEs

In the medium term, further sites in Sisslerfeld which are now already ripe for development, will be embedded with a future-oriented infrastructure facilitating attractive access for both employees and goods vehicles (loading platform, local logistics) and promoting transfers between modes of transport. At the same time, a sustainable energy supply for future needs and communal usage for companies is being developed. In this way, up to around 20 hectares of land for innovative production and research and also for services will become available in the medium term. There is room for manoeuvre in its design. If your company has particular infrastructure requirements, then give us a call.

For companies with a long-term planning horizon

In the long term, work zones are developed to building maturity and opened up. If you have a longer-term planning horizon with your company, then give us a call.

To cope with potentially 10 000 more jobs in the area in the long term, careful development in distinct stages is necessary. For this purpose, a target image with an areal structure has been developed, which can be used as a guide for the utilization of the entire area. In addition to its location, accessibility and synergy potential, the structure and the open and green spaces it contains – also due to the agricultural zone incorporated into the area – are of exceptional quality. In the War of Talents employers are increasingly required to provide an attractive environment, the target image provided is testament to this.

Attractive Jobs

In Sisslerfeld there is a diverse range of sites for innovative production, research and SMEs. The concentration of these areas depends on their accessibility requirements.

Therefore, there are attractive areas for jobs close to public transport links and the meeting places in the area which also serve as a mobility hub.

Accordingly, traffic accessibility in the area and the approach roads are an important feature. The jobs should be concentrated in areas which are within easy reach of public transport. Therefore, public transport in the area is being extended and other forms of transport such as cars, buses, bicycles and e-scooters for the last couple of miles are being facilitated and encouraged.

These transfer areas are both meeting points which serve as orientation points in the area, and an invitation for both employees and the local population to spend time and communicate in an attractive environment with catering services and everyday facilities. This local networking forms the basis for the synergy between companies and their contractors or suppliers both inside and outside the zone.

Regional Investment

The synergy potential for companies in Sisslerfeld does not stop at its borders. Further prestigious life science companies such as Roche in Kaiseraugst or BASF in Kaisten and suppliers from the Medtech sector, for instance, operate in the immediate vicinity. However, other sectors are also very important both to the area itself and also to the region and offer synergy potential for all stakeholders. In the Frick Valley today, almost 40 444 employees generate a net product of over 9 Billion Swiss Francs, or approximately 280 000 Swiss Francs per full time employee – one of the highest regional figures in Switzerland. The life science industry is crucial to this high regional net product.