Protection against cyberattacks

Today, digital technologies offer us inexhaustible possibilities for navigating the Internet, obtaining information or putting ourselves out there. But there are also people active on the Internet who have criminal intentions. They are out to hack computers, steal personal data, and extort money. And they are becoming more and more professional in doing so.

Companies in Switzerland are also increasingly being targeted for industrial espionage and cyberattacks. Below, you will find useful information on how you can protect your company.


MELANI, the online portal of the Reporting and Analysis Center for Information Assurance, is designed to support SMEs in Switzerland and private computer and Internet users. Here you will find information on how you can protect yourself and your data from cyberattacks.

“Prophylaxis” information brochure

The “Prophylaxis” information brochure is part of a prevention and awareness campaign conducted by the Swiss Federal Intelligence Service (NDB). Here you will find information on industrial espionage and how you can take security measures.


Winner of multiple international awards, the film “Targeted – Economic Espionage in Switzerland” offers a realistic scenario of what economic espionage against an SME in Switzerland can look like.

More information – Fedpol

You can receive additional useful information on cybercrime and risks in cyberspace directly from the Swiss Federal Office of Police (fedpol). You’d like to report a cyberattack? You can submit it on the Fedpol website.

Do you still have questions about cyberattacks and how you can protect yourself? Simply contact us.