Neu im Aargau

Hier informieren wir Sie über Firmen-Neuansiedlungen und Start-ups im Kanton Aargau.


The company, based in Würenlos, offers digital education and training management. In a world characterised by permanent and rapid change, educational institutions such as schools, adult education and in-company training must also be able to successfully meet these changes. fo education GmbH develops strategies to meet the requirements of the constantly changing situation in adult and further education.

fo education gmbh

Mosterei Halter

BerkeMed produces individual and high-quality medical products based on evaluated data from doctors and patients, which they market worldwide. The company produces in Berlin and now also in Aarburg.



The start-up commercialises proprietary technology for recycling rare earths (RE) from e-waste. Rare earths are now indispensable components of our industrial, social and personal spheres, from mobile phones to satellites... They are the decisive factor in the implementation of our green energy, climate change and e-mobility strategy. REMRETEch is based at Park Innovaare in Villigen.



FenX AG, based in Turgi, produces fully recyclable insulation materials from mineral waste. This includes panels, bricks and individually shaped components. At the end of their life cycle, the insulation materials can be processed and reused for the production of new foams.



The BEETRON team is developing a free-piston linear generator that should achieve an electrical efficiency of up to 50 % - just like large conventional power plants. With their technology, the engine and generator are combined in a compact and highly efficient power generator. The free-piston generator converts fuel (hydrogen, solar synthesis gas, natural gas, biogas, diesel, petrol, ethanol) into electricity in a highly efficient manner. It can be used as a smart grid module that reacts intelligently to energy demand, for off-grid and off-grid emergency power generation, and as a powerful electric drive engine or range extender.

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