A portrait of Aargau - where people are building the future together

  1. Economy and employment

    The canton of Aargau is an attractive economic region and home to many businesses: 40,000 of them in fact, employing 340,000 people.

  2. Life and living

    Aargau is Switzerland's fourth-largest canton in terms of population, with 213 municipalities grouped into eleven districts.

  3. Education

    Aargau is a canton strong on education and research: around one-third of public expenditure is invested in this.

  4. Culture and history

    Aargau offers a broad-based cultural life with firm roots in the region, including more than 80 museums and fascinating historical heritage.

  5. Nature and landscape

    Walking, hiking, jogging, cycling – Aargau offers leisure-seekers the full gamut of unspoilt nature and countryside.

  6. Politics and legislation

    Napoleon carved the canton onto the map more than two centuries ago, and Aargau has stayed a political entity ever since.