Aargau as a Location – Your Advantage

The attractive combination of the most important location factors makes Canton of Aargau the perfect location for your business and family.

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Location Canton of Aargau

The Canton of Aargau is a canton focused on technology, energy and culture. It offers an overall package that is unbeatable. It is no coincidence that Aargau has three “A”s in its name: The renowned rating agency Standard & Poor’s rates it with “Triple A”, the best rating for business locations.

As illustrated in the map, Aargau is located centrally within Switzerland and Europe, considerably adding to its appeal.

Cost advantages

In Aargau, you will find the perfect location for your business. You will profit from an attractive tax climate, low real estate prices and moderate payroll costs.

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Perfectly located in the heart of Europe

Canton Aargau is located in the strongest Swiss economic region surrounded by Zurich, Basel, Bern and Lucerne. You profit from short distances to partners and customers.

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Expert workforce and concentration of high-tech know-how

In Aargau, you will find a highly-qualified specialized workforce in the high-tech branches of energy, electrical engineering, life sciences, medical technology, plastics, ICT and machine engineering. The workforce in Aargau is characterized by solid professional training, international experience, excellent motivation and loyalty. This makes high productivity levels possible.

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High quality of life

Anyone who appreciates experiencing nature up close and diverse cultural highlights will feel right at home in Aargau. There are numerous leisure activities and nearby recreational areas available for the entire family.

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Business Clusters

This innovative high-tech region presents an outstanding setting for sustainable market success with its medical technology, pharmaceutical, energy technology, plastics technology, machinery and metalworking industries, and ICT clusters.

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