Park Innovaare

Park Innovaare – the network location of the Swiss Innovation Park – is where industry and science work together to find tomorrow’s solutions. Park innovaare creates an ideal environment for your company’s research, development and innovation projects.

The Park innovaare at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) (will open in new window)in Villigen and Würenlingen is on its way to becoming a globally recognized center, driving innovation on the basis of PSI's large-scale research facilities and expertise in cooperation with companies. In the fields of energy, people and health, accelerator technologies, and advanced materials and processes, your company’s innovation project can benefit from PSI’s local expertise.

The proximity to PSI makes Park Innovaare an attractive location for companies. The geographical concentration of cutting-edge research and entrepreneurial innovation activity means that your innovations will be ready for the market more quickly.

Park Innovaare has resulted from the excellent, intensive collaboration of politics, industry, and research in Aargau. The Park’s development can rely on the extensive support of large companies, SMEs, and institutional sponsors.

Make use of the advantages offered by Park innovaare for your innovation projects! You’d like to know more? Contact us – we will be happy to assist you in initiating contact.

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