Innovation promotion and high-tech

The program Hightech Aargau is a tool that offers businesses located in the canton of Aargau an attractive environment, future-proof structures and support services that will help them to run innovation projects and carry out research.

Innovation made in Aargau! GratXray AG wins Swiss Technology Award 2017.

Aargau is a high-tech canton. The proportion of technology-oriented SMEs is well above average. In many sectors, these small and medium-sized businesses are at the cutting edge of technological progress. The canton of Aargau offers a wide range of services to support your innovation projects.

Cooperation accelerates the innovation process. Running innovation projects requires innovative thinking, a network and intensive collaboration between different stakeholders, including SMEs, universities, research institutes and large companies with an international focus. In Aargau, we have access to all of these. The Hightech Zentrum Aargau will analyze your innovation project and support you to get the project up and running. With the help of the Hightech Zentrum's network, you will find the right partner to carry out your project. We will tell you about all the different financing options so you can apply for subsidies. Park innovaare, the innovation park at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Villigen, will offer your business a highly attractive environment for research, development and innovation

Take advantage of our innovation promotion services. We are happy to assist you personally with the issues most relevant to you.

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