Development Team

Our goal is to improve the quality of Aargau as a location by the means of specific, innovative projects. To achieve this goal, we work closely with the relevant special fields of the other Swiss federal departments. Our success proves us right.

If you have any questions about our projects, you are always free to contact us.

Advisors and their responsibilities

Marietta Frey

Marietta Frey

Telephone (direct) +41 62 835 16 66

Team leader for Economic Development, Journalism degree (University of St. Gallen)/MBA

  • Project management for skilled employee initiatives
  • Regional management
  • Monitoring, Aargau tourism
Simone Meyer

Simone Meyer

Telephone (direct) +41 62 835 19 67

Project Manager, MSc in Geography

Michael Seiler

Telephone (direct) +41 62 835 16 64

Project Manager, BSc in Business Administration

  • Project management for skilled employee initiatives
  • Economic data analysis
  • Administrative relief


Samuel Schafer

Telephone (direct) +41 62 835 16 68

MSc in Geography

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