What entrepreneurs say about Aargau.

InterAx Biotech AG in Villigen, Martin Ostermaier and Luca Zenone

"The Hightech Zentrum Aargau supported us by carrying out a feasibility study and in getting grants from the Aargau Research Fund. Aargau Services also helped us and opened some doors for us."

Statement of Martin Ostermaier and Luca Zenone (PDF, 730 KB)

Inventsys in Porto Alegre, Mario Verdi

"The canton of Aargau is the ideal location for us in Switzerland. There are more qualified IT specialists here than anywhere else. We can find partners to further develop our product at the FHNW."

Statement of Mario Verdi (PDF, 624 KB)

Power-Bloxs AG in Laufenburg, Alessandro Medici and Alain Schilli

"We’ve had very good, wide-ranging and rapid support. The Hightech Zentrum Aargau gave us ac-cess to its network of companies."

Statement of Alessandro Medici and Alain Schilli (PDF, 822 KB)

GDC Urs Giger GmbH in Mühlau, Urs Giger

"Thanks to Aargau Services Economic Promotion, I was able to present my project to a private circle of investors. I was awarded a free course of coaching provided by GENILEM."

Statement of Urs Giger (PDF, 773 KB)

Tiefbohrbär GmbH in Rothrist, Carmen and Markus Bär

"The business started from our garage. We began to grow and moved into our own premises in 2005. Their proximity to the freeway is a great advantage as our clients are based all over Switzerland."

Statement of Carmen and Markus Bär (PDF, 677 KB)

Siegfried Gruppe in Zofingen, Peter A. Gehler

"In other respects we benefit greatly from being based in Switzerland because we are linked with typical Swiss values such as quality, precision and trustworthiness.We believe Zofingen is the right location for us."

Statement of Peter A. Gehler (PDF, 2 pages, 176 KB)

Solvias AG in Kaiseraugst, Dr. Karen J. Huebscher

"Another important factor is that the authorities are businessfriendly and deal with you in a straightforward and proper way."

Statement of Dr. Karen J. Huebscher (PDF, 2 pages, 105 KB)

naneos GmbH in Windisch, Dominik Meier

"We are supported by Aargau Research Fund and receive support from the FHNW – which is the perfect combination of business and research for us."

Statement of Dominik Meier (PDF, 2 pages, 2.7 MB)

Swiss Blue Energy AG in Bad Zurzach, Nikolaus Vida

Nikolaus Vida
Nikolaus Vida

In Switzerland there is legal certainty and a collaborative approach rather than an adversarial one. So the parts that we need are produced by four companies. Three of which are in the canton of Aargau.

Statement of Nikolaus Vida (PDF, 2 pages, 124 KB)

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