Ideal support for your financing plans

Do you need financing for your business activity or to implement an innovation?

Aargau Services is well acquainted with all the options Switzerland as a financial center has to offer. We will advise you and work with you to determine what options are available in different business phases and which ones are suited for your project.

Financing provided by banks

The right bank for your financing needs

A number of Swiss banks offer loans for start-ups and existing companies. We will help you find the right bank for your needs. A selection: In addition to the two major Swiss banks, UBS (will open in new window) and Credit Suisse (will open in new window), the Aargauische Kantonalbank (AKB) (will open in new window), the Neue Aargauer Bank (NAB) (will open in new window), the Raiffeisenbank (will open in new window), PostFinance (will open in new window) and Valiant (will open in new window) have also made financing SMEs their specialty. The Bürgschaftsgenossenschaft BG-Ost (will open in new window) can provide support in taking out a corporate loan.

Risk capital and start-ups

Risk capital for innovative start-ups

Where the business risk is too high for normal bank financing, private equity and venture capital companies like SECA (will open in new window) or "business angels" Business Angels Club Aargau (will open in new window) offer additional opportunities for financing. Talk to us - we will gladly provide you with the contacts you need.


Small amounts for a big idea

“Crowdfunding” offers another possibility for financing a company or a project. This method continues to enjoy growing popularity. In our fact sheet Forms of financing (PDF, 4 pages, 2.0 MB), you will find a selection of crowdfunding platforms.

Research funding

Funding for innovation and research projects

The Aargau government has set up the Aargau Research Fund (will open in new window) exclusively for Aargau companies. The fund supports research projects with Swiss research institutions. What this would mean for you on a practical level is that:

  • 50% of the costs for developing your product will be financed by the Fund (up to CHF 100,000)
  • You will receive simple, pragmatic access to funding and be actively supported in the application process by the Hightech Zentrum Aargau (will open in new window)

Interested in more information about the Aargau Research Fund and your advantages? We will be happy to tell you more in a free consultation. Simply contact us.

Additional funding is available here: