Wildegg Castle and the von Effinger

Wildegg Castle was originally built by the Habsburgs but belonged to the Effinger family for eleven generations. At the beginning of the 20th century the castle and estate passed to the Swiss Confederation and since 2011 the complex has belonged to the canton of Aargau.

Wildegg Castle was originally constructed some time after 1200; it changed owners several times and passed into the hands of the Effinger family towards the end of the 15th century. After the family died out in 1912, the castle and estate were taken over by the Swiss Confederation. Since 2011, Wildegg Castle Estate has belonged to the foundation that bears its name.

Under Habsburg rule

Wildegg Castle was built in the first half of the 13th century by order of the Habsburgs. Perched on a ledge with a striking main tower and residential annex, the castle was first mentioned in 1242. It was the seat of a branch of the Habsburg family that belonged to the lower gentry, the stewards of Habsburg and Wildegg. Before 1348 the castle was granted to the Lords of Hallwyl as a fief by the Habsburgs. Thüring I of Hallwyl had the complex elaborately modernised in 1372.

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