Vindonissa Park network

Two world empires have left behind impressive architectural traces in what is today the town of Windisch. With the Roman legionary camp Vindonissa and the Habsburg double monastery in Königsfelden, Canton Argovia combines cultural goods of international importance from antiquity and the Middle Ages in the same location.

Visitors to the Vindonissa Park can discover their own history in its original setting and in an easy to understand manner. With its conveyance of archaeology and history the Vindonissa Park attempts to break new ground by focusing on its visitors’ personal experiences when tracing Roman and Habsburg history.The following institutions are active partners in the Vindonissa Park network:

  • Legionary Trail
  • Vindonissa Museum
  • Königsfelden Abbey
  • Habsburg Castle
  • Königsfelden Clinic Museum
  • Wasserschlosspark

Friends of Vindonissa Park

Become a Friend of Vindonissa Park to support the Legionary Trail. The board of the association is chaired by Edwin Somm, former CEO of ABB Schweiz.Friends of Vindonissa Park are entitled to free admission to the Legionary Trail. Annual membership Fr. 50.– (will open in new window) (in german)

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